It’s me

Me and productivity The older I get, the more I am accepting of the way my brain seems to prefer to work. I try to look at the shiny tools and appreciate them as nice design artifacts, not magic fixes.

The trick is in creating the interface between myself and other people I work with (who quite reasonably need certain structures and documents). Getting help where I need it, adopting other working styles in some projects, listening carefully.

But I have given up on trying to be a different person.

Some days, you wake up feeling great and genuinely wanting to help people. Other days, in customer service you have to go full Eleanor Rigby, wearing a face you keep in a jar by the door.

If you’re lucky, you work somewhere that lets you show your real face to your colleagues. It’s where we all belong.

Content Marketing: Creating and sharing helpful information through various forms of media.

Discontent Marketing: Convincing people they have a problem that you’ve created and, in an incredible coincidence, sell a solution for.

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