OK, sure.

But sometimes a band-aid solution is exactly what is needed. For grazes, scrapes, or things which are not even really a problem at all but where a gesture of assistance feels good.

Plenty of customer support questions fall into this category - maybe some part of the app was down for maintenance for a few minutes. It sucked that it happened right when a customer wanted to do something.

Nothing really needs to change, the maintenance is essential, but it doesn’t feel good to be disrupted. A good rep can make that person feel heard, acknowledge their annoyance, and get them back on with their day feeling a little bit better.

It’s not always process improvements and new features and “going the extra 1.609km”. Keep your support team stocked up with band-aids, little bandages, and some of those nice biscuits.*

* or cookies, if that’s your term. Although maybe they’d love your weird breakfast scones with gravy. Anything is possible.