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OK, sure.

But sometimes a band-aid solution is exactly what is needed. For grazes, scrapes, or things which are not even really a problem at all but where a gesture of assistance feels good.

Plenty of …

An effective customer-facing team is one that is:


I would not want the job of CEO (rest easy Nick Francis). So much pressure to hit the numbers and “move the needle” in the short term. Even when you know in your heart and your mind that …

Some days, you wake up feeling great and genuinely wanting to help people. Other days, in customer service you have to go full Eleanor Rigby, wearing a face you keep in a jar by the door.

If you’re lucky, you work somewhere that lets you show your real face to your colleagues. It’s where we all belong.

A typical customer service interaction, as written by song titles.

Is this how your CEO treats customer service? If so, it’s going to be hard to really deliver a great customer experience


I chatted with a fellow Australian, James Nathan, for his podcast recently. Talking points: online service, what people ask for vs what they really need, and why I gave up being a web designer.

You can listen to the episode or read the transcript on his website.

AI chat bots are good enough if you’re already accepting pretty crappy support as your standard. If you want to deliver excellent service consistently, and you’re not a gigantic company, AI-only chat experiences are not the answer.


I have received the secret leaked code that supports every early stage SaaS application on earth.


Few things irritate me more than companies that let you sign up instantly on their website, but ensure unsubscribing takes an epic quest.

The next Mission:Impossible movie is actually based on Tom Cruise’s attempt to cancel a subscription to a newspaper.

Clip of stunts from Mission:Impossible movies, with a caption below stating 'Attempting to unsubscribe from a service it took 23 seconds to sign up for'