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Content Marketing: Creating and sharing helpful information through various forms of media.

Discontent Marketing: Convincing people they have a problem that you’ve created and, in an incredible coincidence, sell a solution for.

I chatted with a fellow Australian, James Nathan, for his podcast recently. Talking points: online service, what people ask for vs what they really need, and why I gave up being a web designer.

You can listen to the episode or read the transcript on his website.

AI chat bots are good enough if you’re already accepting pretty crappy support as your standard. If you want to deliver excellent service consistently, and you’re not a gigantic company, AI-only chat experiences are not the answer.


I was doing some chatbot reseearch when I came across a patent for chatbots in prison.

I have received the secret leaked code that supports every early stage SaaS application on earth.


I’ve spent a lot of my working life working daily with some wonderful, funny, supportive colleagues all over North America. And some of my working life saying things like these…

If we must Slack, then we should Slack harder than anyone has ever Slacked before.

Running a company “full of A-Players!” is a bad idea, even if you could do it. You can’t.

In defence of the long tech tenure.

I write articles at Help Scout and in this video I share my whole process from idea to published piece. I also reveal my most common mistakes so you can laugh at them. You can

read the full article on the Help Scout blog.